8mm Customizable Stackable Sterling Silver Resin Ring, Cremation Ring

8mm Customizable Stackable Sterling Silver Resin Ring, Cremation Ring


Cremation jewelry is a great way to hold your loved one close to your heart. High quality sterling silver ring, 8mm setting.

Inclusions may include flowers, ashes, hair, or sand.


Please send your inclusions to:

KO Mama Designs

5925 County Road 9

Edison, OH 43320

Please ship in a ziplock bag inside of a well sealed, padded envelope. Please purchase tracking for your package. You are responsible for tracking your package. Please do not require a signature. If you fail to put enough postage on a package, you will be required to pay the overdue postage before I can get the package from my post office. Please note that USPS is the only service that allowed for shipping of cremated remains.


  • Ashes or Sand: 1/2 teaspoon is enough for up to 3 rings. Please do not send more than 1/2 teaspoon unless specified. Any unused ashes or sand will be returned with your order.Hair: 1 inch by 1 inch piece of hair is enough. If you don’thave that much, send what you have. Any unused hair will be returned with your order.
  • Flower petals: Petals MUST BE DRIED BEFORE SHIPPING. Any unused flower petals will be returned with your order.


Caring for your ring: These pieces are considered waterproof, but I do not recommend wearing them in chlorinated pools or salt water, or exposing them to chemicals (particularly cleaning supplies) or hand sanitizer. Please remove your jewelry before doing any of these things. Please be aware that all resin has the tendency to yellow over time. Please be advised of this and know that prolonged direct sunlight, UV lights, and cigarette smoke could speed this process. Yellowing will not likely be a problem with your jewelry, but it should be mentioned as these are made with an epoxy resin mix.As stated above, gold, gold filled, sterling silver, brass, and copper, all have a tendency to oxidize over time. A jewelry polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish.

Setting Color